Room Style Brief

This questionnaire will assist us in ensuring that your room design best meets your style expectations and room location and size.  Please provide as much information as possible and try to include images  of room styles you like and any furniture items you would like to keep.


1. Which room/rooms are you interested in decorating?
 Living Room Dining Room Family Room Media Room Master Bedroom Guest Room Kid’s Room
 Teen’s room Nursery Bathroom Playroom Study/Home Office Hallway Outdoor Room/Balcony

2. What will the room be used for (eg: entertaining, reading, sleeping, children’s play area, TV viewing etc)?

3. Who will use the room (include gender, approx ages as well as pets)? Is it required to seat a minimum number of people?

4. Which way does the room face (ie: looking out the window)? Is it mostly light or mostly dark?

5. What is your reason for changing the room? eg: existing problem (specify), needs freshening up, more storage required, looking for complete new look etc

6. Do you have a budget for the room renovation?
 Less than $2,000 $2,000 to $5,000 $5,000 to $7,000 $7,000 +
Or specify an amount

7. Are there particular furniture or decorator items you would like to keep in the room (please ensure these are visible in photos)?

8. Is there anything about the room that you would like to highlight or downplay?

9. What are the measurements of the room (include width x length but also approx ceiling height)?

UPLOAD Please upload a diagram showing the layout of the room including measurements and placement of any windows, doors, built in robes/storage and/or fireplaces (MAX FILE SIZE 2MB). If your files are too large, go to and follow the prompts to decrease your file size)

UPLOAD Please upload 3-4 pictures of the room from each major angle (MAX FILE SIZE 2MB)


10. Which best describes your preferred style?
 Formal Traditional Coastal/Beach French Provincial Retro Vintage/Eclectic Modern Contemporary
 Scandinavian Industrial Minimalist Rustic/Farmhouse Oriental Balinese Modern Glamour

OR provide words that best describe your style?

11. What colours do you prefer?

12. Are there any colours that you dislike?

13. Do you have finishes that you prefer eg:
• dark vs light timbers vs metals or chrome;
• wallpaper vs paint;
• stainless steel or chrome vs gold or brass fittings vs black metals?

14. Do you have finishes that you absolutely don’t like?

UPLOAD Please upload any images from magazines or the internet that help describe your preferred style. Take a snap with your phone! (MAX FILE SIZE 2MB)


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How would you like to pay? (required)
 Paypal Direct Bank Deposit

Where did you hear about Blooming Rooms?
 Google/search engine Word of Mouth Flyers Real Estate

Anything more to add?

Have more than one room you would like advice on? Simply click SEND to submit this room request and restart the questionnaire. You only need to complete sections A and C for subsequent rooms.