LUXE august moodboard


There’s just something about this moodboard that spells luxe living but for me it’s the myriad of textures on display and the lovely combination of leather and concrete (with a splash of gold and copper) that makes this a winning space.  So if welcoming in 2016 has given you a hankering to update your living room and you have some solid core pieces already like an upholstered sofa in a neutral colour then an update doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  The concrete wall can be cost effectively achieved using some of the great wallpapers now available and you can add leather in cushions, a natural hide rug and if your budget permits a beautiful soft leather chair. Make sure you stick to a simple colour scheme – here we have used blush and teal to give the space a pop of colour!  Want to find out more about this mood board and the gorgeous homewares featured – feel free to pop us a line and I would be more than happy to assist.



Guest Bedroom Update

It’s hard to believe that Spring is almost over and summer will be on our doorstep in no time! It’s a great time to think about updating your guest bedroom in preparation for the warmer weather and those Christmas visitors!  Today’s mood board does just that and provides some perfect inspiration for a bedroom update that is smart and fresh, and won’t cost the earth.

The trick when using bright colours is to ensure that you balance these with some neutral greys and white to really make the colours pop.  This also ensures that the resulting space is not only fun but still feels restful, relaxing and inviting as a bedroom should!  We have added texture with a rug and linen curtains and some cool budget homewares to keep the room on trend.

This board features 16 items ranging from $20 through to $1000 for key furniture pieces but you could also mix many of these items with existing furniture to make it a more cost effective update.  If you would like some help in designing the perfect guest bedroom in preparation for your summer visitors – feel free to contact us via the enquiry form – we can quickly and easily provide a design that will have you Christmas holiday ready in no time!


In need of some inspiration for a younger boys bedroom but not sure where to start!  This month we have featured a very cool bedroom design for a boy aged anywhere from early school till his tweens! Perfect if you are trying to update his room as he starts school but want key furniture pieces that will last through his teens.  The bed, desk, side table and chair are all timeless pieces but we have added some great prints, wallpaper and other storage and soft furnishings that will make the room fun, exciting and colourful for any boy. In fact it really reminds me a little of Where the Wild Things Are but with some cool Batman additions. For more mood board inspiration or to purchase a copy of the moodboard with a full list of suppliers click here.  And let the adventures begin!

Boys Bedroom june 15


Bedroom Bliss March 2Nothing beats a beautiful bedroom to come home to in the evening to relax and unwind.  Personally I love a bedroom that isn’t overstyled and still has room for books, candles, and photographs – things that I love.  Bedrooms are also rooms where you can take a few risks as they are not always on display for visitors. However they should be rooms you love spending time in and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different furniture, bedding and accessories now available.  So here’s my tips for creating a beautiful bedroom:

1. Keep it simple – regardless of the colour or style you are after – purchase quality big items like the bed or an occasional armchair  in neutral tones so that you can change the look of your bedroom more easily as trends or your tastes change

2. Don’t forget a bedhead – you will be amazed at how much such a simple item can really make a bedroom look complete – a bedhead doesn’t have to be expensive – search the web for easy DIY bedheads if you can’t afford to purchase a ready made one

3. Avoid having everything match – you can have different bedside tables, different lamps and the bed doesn’t have to be in the same style or material as the furniture. Variety is a good thing, what’s important is getting the scale and tone right so that the room looks like it goes together!

4. Lighting is key – choose low key mood lighting for bedtime as well as having sufficient light for tasks such as putting on makeup.  On trend at the moment is hanging pendants over the bedside rather than using table lamps and this frees up lots of space for other things

5. Textiles – Choose bedding, sheer curtains (as well as blockout blinds or shutters), and furnishings that you love – nothing beats good quality sheets and pillows

6. Add colour and texture – in artwork, rugs and cushions but don’t overload the bed with cushions – a maximum of three layers works best

In need of a little bedroom inspiration – check out our March Mood Board of the Month or click here for More Bedroom Inspiration.

If you have a specific question or would like something a little more customised – drop us a line – I’d love to hear from you!


Workspace Feb15

If you are anything like me, a home office starts tidy at the beginning of the year and then progressively over time accumulates paperwork and stuff till one day it looks like disorganised chaos!  But with a little de-cluttering, some good storage, and a dash of creativity and fun – your home office can become a room that you love coming into and even better, inspires you to work!

With the summer holidays almost over and most of us back to work, now is a great time to think about a home office update.  In need of a little back to work inspiration?

Check out our February monthly mood board for some creative input – and your home office will be transformed in no time!




With January almost over, I thought I would share with you the Blooming Rooms Mood Board of the Month which is all about black and white!  Decorating in monochrome is a trend – along with metallics and indoor plants! – that is likely to be hanging around for a while, and it’s easy to see why.  It’s a scheme that is easy to execute and has huge impact when you enter a room.  For more Mood Boards of the Month click here.  And stay tuned for some great back to work home office inspiration in our February Mood Board to be published early next week!